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Fukrey returns cast. I love hunny. I watched fukrey in oct,2019 and it was fantabulous especially chucha and lali❤️❤️ and came to know sequel is already there and that is bonus. Fukrey ka plus point chucha tha 😬. Rugs direct returns. Air pollution to commerce. What a linkup dude. Kabhi soch ke bhi nahi dekha🤣🤣🤣. Feel like watching a Hollywood trailer... climax scene Salman firing bullets is a epic masterpiece... 0:50 😂😂 hilarious.

Stair returns. For people who really like this trailer and waiting to see the member that the makers of this film had to fight with the central governemnt and indian film board to release this movie. There was a lot of pressure like always to not have the truth be out in the open. Please do remember it, I will be going to watch it first day first show and hope you all will also feel proud to see the fight of a common man. Film is great medium in India to tell your story.

Any one watching 2019 july. To good comedy movie to good chuca is best comedian. To want to run off a sequel is understandable. What doesn't make sense is to make this return such a slog. The actors are (more or less) the same. But the situations are so tired and contrived, and so relentlessly juvenile that there's nothing that even such capable hands as Richa Chaddha and Pankaj Tripathi can do, to retain our interest. In the original, there was at least an attempt at creating a somewhat realistic Dilli 'clony' with its grinning local louts, and lover- boys making eyes at neighbourhood heartthrobs across cramped balconies, nonk-jhonk' happening on terraces, and guys going by the name of Choocha (Sharma) and Hunny, not, please note, Honey(Samrat) Lalli (Singh) and Zafar (Fazal) who speak the street lingo with conviction, and who try pulling off small cons while waiting for something better. And a lovely, lilting song, which was so much better than the movie: I don't think you can hear "Ambarsariya" without wanting to join in. The other thing that kept the Fukrey boys from sinking was that they were endearing despite being all too familiar. There was an innocence about them even when they were being annoying. We liked them, and wished them well, especially when they fell into the clutches of the fearsome Bholi Punjaban (Chaddha) who had a motor- mouth full of abuse, and schemes to rip off the 'aam aadmi.'
This time around, Bholi has a lot more screen time. This gives Chadda loads of opportunities to slink around wearing leopard skin leotards and deep pink hoodies. Our four fellows are up against Bholi again, but this time she has troubles of her own in the shape of a greedy neta (Gupta) who, like a good Dilliwala, has his eyes on land and cash. If not madly original, this sequel could have been some amount of fun, and you can see it in tiny bits when Chaddha and Tripathi are vamping it up. But it starts to pall right from the start. And the crassness begins to get tiresome: bare butts are bitten by snakes, a guy peeing is both seen and heard, and everyone roams around, for some inexplicable reason, in the Delhi zoo, without a clue as to what to they are doing, patting tiger cubs (yes, that's right) and listening to the big cats snarl. If they could, the tigers should have sued.

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