Mahabharat Free Watch imdb id 3415692 mkv 720px in Hindi

January 16, 2020, 10:15 am






Apart from the above issue, the epic is well adapted with has lot of huge stars from the industry (you can see it from the movie cast. All were absolutely charming with their voices for characters. I would raise my vote to the great Anupam Kher for the Shaguni character. Also its good for the children to learn and appreciate one of the greatest epic ever told on the silver screen (Still it could've been animated much better. May sound like a fool if I mention that the movie is good except for its animation. Spl. effects are not only outdated but the action sequence idea is too much inspired and weak. If you are okay with the above major flaw saying that it is an Indian movie and I don't much care about the animation then you can go ahead and see it.